Dutch Court’s Decision on WordPress Based Pirate Proxy

The Shut Down of Pirates Bay Proxy

A recent court decision to shut down a WordPress based Pirate Bay proxy has restricted users to access websites. The platform has been shut down and further legal action is pending. This is very important to note as many users have used this platform to access websites in countries where these URL’s are restricted. The court has ordered a full shut down on the platform as a result. Legal action against the creator of the proxy may be taken as a result of its violation. The Pirate Bay proxy breaks the law in terms of online access.

It is also important to note that the BREIN foundation allowed the website to past testing. This is very important to note as well. The BREIN foundation is put in place to catch these types of websites and platforms. The Pirate Proxy passed their testing, which is an interesting point in the court case. Copyright infringement is one of the main concerns with this Pirate Proxy case.

There are many ways to ensure a platform does not infringe on an existing company’s rights. For example, it is important to pass testing for copyright when creating a website. There are many preventative measures a company can take to ensure they are not infringing on rights. There are also many different tips available for those looking to prevent this from taking place in any measure.

The main purpose of this platform (plug-in) was to allow individuals in countries such as China and Iran to have full access to the internet. In these types of countries, internet access is limited or fully restricted. This is the main reason why the Dutch court ordered a shut down on this platform. This plug in would allow many individuals in many different countries to regain access to the internet. For example, if a citizen living in China wanted to access a restricted website, they could do so using the Pirate Bay proxy. This is the main driving force behind the company’s shut down. It was most commonly utilized in courtiers that operate as dictatorships. For example, citizens in Iran also utilized the platform in order to access the internet.

There are many reasons why the plug in was used in the first place. Digital access to online information is very important for the survival of citizens. Online resources are often the only source of information that citizens have. For example, citizens want to know what is going on in their country, as well as in other parts of the world. For this reason, if the internet is restricted, they must find alternate ways to access information.

By preforming a reform of government policies, there will be a decrease in these types of websites. This is one of the main ways to solve the issue at hand a provide a fair and sustainable option for citizens of all countries, especially those living inside of country with strict and regulated internet access. Other countries in the world such as the United States do not place strict regulations on internet access.

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